What is Scar Revision?
Scar revision is the therapeutic alteration of scar tissue, usually to improve the appearance of the scar or attempt to eliminate it. Scarring can have a deleterious effect on appearance, self-image, and quality of life; scar tissue can be overly sensitive, stiff/inflexible, painful, or itchy.

Treatment Options
Scars are treated in a variety of ways including use of chemical peels or injectable fillers, dermabrasion, microneedle therapy to induce neocollagenesis, nonablative laser therapy to improve texture or redness, and ablative laser therapy or fractional radiofrequency therapy to vaporize scar tissue and promote a healthy wound healing response as well as stimulate neocollagenesis.

How Does it Work?
When performing energy-based scar revision therapy, treatment parameters must be carefully managed to promote patient comfort, minimize collateral damage to surrounding tissue, manage energy delivery for improved recovery, and maximize the final result. Treatment of darker skin with laser- or light/energy- based modalities can be problematic due to the increased potential for burning or post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH). In most cases several treatment sessions are required to fully realize outcomes.